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Mirage provides a fixing service and production support for filming within the UK.   

From pre-production to wrap, we can assist with any production detail no matter how small or large the requirement. With production experience spanning over twenty years in the commercial and film industries our team are exceptionally qualified to meet your needs. We have access to a highly skilled network of established crew and suppliers to ensure your production runs smoothly so you can concentrate on producing world class results.

We understand that all projects are unique and all budgets will vary.  Contact us with the details and we'll tailor a quote to fit your requirements.


Save time

Relieve tight deadlines and 
save precious pre production time by utilising our local knowledge and networks of contacts and suppliers.

Locations & Permits

Work remotely with us to scout and secure your film locations and permit requirements before reaching the UK. 


Our connections with established suppliers enable 
us to offer unique rates and competitive deals on all film 
and lighting equipment.


We can source exceptional 
crew for your shoot from Cinematographer's and Production Designers to Hair and Makeup stylists.


The UK has an exceptional standard of location caterers. We can offer a diverse range 
of facilities to suit your crew 
and dietary requirements. 


Let us help you source talent using our pool of casting 
agents and talent. Work with 
us remotely on casting and selection processes. 


We can help arrange travel 
and accommodation for your team so you can experience a more relaxing journey and stay in the UK.

Studio Hire

Whatever the scale of your production, we can locate a studio space to fit within your technical specifications and 
set design.


At Mirage we understand that each production and budget is unique. Whatever the size of your job or production we want to hear from you. All general enquires can be made directly at hello@mirage.london. Simply let us know your project or fixing requirements so we can provide an estimate that works for you.



Rosie Wells

Rosie has over 15 years experience in production from producing music promos, television commercials and short films. Location filming is her specialist area. Clients have included MTV, Sony, Footlocker, Samsung and Kaspersky Software to name a few.

T: +447976241983
E: rosie.wells@mirage.london

Karl Man

Karl started out in advertising as a creative where he developed campaigns for Hermes, Fedex, HSBC & Adidas before focusing on sports with Sky Television, His passion for being on set led him to light, then produce commercials and Indie films. 

T: +442038242428
E: karl.man@mirage.london

Caroline Greig

Producer & Production Manager
Caroline has more than 15 years of commercial credits under her belt 
from working with leading network broadcasters, commercials to channel idents, music videos and promos. Clients have included Sky, BBC, ITV, Channel4, and Saatchi. 

T: +442038242428
E: hello@mirage.london


If you have an enquiry and would like further information please don't hesitate to send us a short message or email and we’ll get straight back to you.
20-22 Wenlock Road
London N1 7GU
United Kingdom
T: +442038242428
E: hello@mirage.london

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